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Aesthetics & Mechanics.


AvaDive is a Gamification Company.

Do you want to hook people on your goals? Our solutions make company strategy & learning a fun daily activity - just like playing a favorite game.


Gamification works* – it works because the good old carrot & stick method is not enough when it comes to human motivation. Neither the stick nor the carrot are needed when we are hooked by a game.


Anything can be gamified – for the benefit of all. The objective can be for example to have happier & healthier employees, longer careers, or higher adaptation in communication, etc.

AvaDive offers gamified solutions also for:


  • Competence development / learning

  • Sales / results

  • Culture renewals / change management


Gamification can be integrated to the existing methods & tools.


AvaDive has a deep and holistic view upon business, technology and behaviors. The strategy sets the targets for our work, the mission and values apparatus guides us, and systems automate our doings.


And still we have to ask:

“What’s in it for me?”


Listening to all ends AvaDive designs easy-to-use cloud solutions that motivate users with hooking game mechanics. Technically AvaDive solution can be either integrated to the existing enterprise architecture or it can work as an independent application.


*Hamari, J., Koivisto, J., & Sarsa, H. (2014) in Does Gamification Work? – A Literature Review of Empirical Studies on gamification. 


Gamification / Motivational Design



Simple measuring and documenting is sufficient to lend our brain the feeling of being in control – which reduces stress in life.


Gamification is much more than just scoring points.


Brilliantly designed gamification system gives meaning to our actions in a way that can be so much fun.


The rewarding should have many dimensions that activate the rewarding mechanics of the brain, while the stimulation should be continuous and evolving.


AvaDive helps your company to determine the stimulation process in requirement specification workshops.


Both the extrinsic and intrinsic motivators are taken into consideration with proven and licensed methods that guarantee working concepts.

Example: How to gamify losing weight?


1. Take a notebook and draw a line vertically in the middle of the page. Write 'the negative points' (foodstuffs and behaviors adverse to weight loss) on the left side and 'the positive points' (foodstuff and behaviors beneficial to weight loss) on the right side of the line.


2. On the next day, fill in the chart starting from the breakfast: add positive points according to how much protein and vegetables you eat and add minus points according to how much sugars and bad fats you eat.


3. Then keep adding positive points according to every physical exercise you do and add minus points as a result of lazy behaviors.


4. Before you go to sleep, calculate the ratio of positive and negative points and analyze how you could improve that ratio.


5. Decide a nice reward for yourself if you manage to improve the ratio.


6. After few days you can add levels to achieve. Add also varying rewards that equal the efforts of the levels – better prizes for harder levels. Do not go overboard! Find out more about healthy eating and develop your chart and your system.


7. When your system starts to show results, it is time to add a social layer by inviting your friends into the game to compete with you.


This very simple example shows how gamification helps the user to decrease the ‘lazy tubby’ behavior and increase the ‘healthy & fit’ behaviors.

Gamification means that game design and thinking are used in a non-game context. Typically it means a system that has game intelligence in it.



Ready!   1-day Workshop

See the world through game designer’s eyes and learn to think like one!

In this first specification workshop we ask ourselves the right questions in the right order. It is a refreshing dive into the world of gamification.


Steady!   2-day Workshop

Create a full gamification concept for the behaviors you wish to enhance.  What motiveates people? How to get to "flow state"? What are the KPI's, how to do the measuring and  connect & compare the feedback for the wanted reference / result?


Go!   Design Project

Starting with ‘Proof of Concept’ phase we will build the solution from the wireframes to the real life. 


Please contact our professionals for more information:


Sanna Mäyrä, Managing Director,

+358 (0) 44 974 2547,


Li Kivistö, Marketing Manager, also in Chinese,

+358 (0) 45 104 2688,


Tero Riipi, Marketing Manager

+358 (0) 50 357 1768,


Team AvaDive

Phone: +358 (0)44 974 2547

CEO, Founder

Sanna Mäyrä, born in Muonio, Lapland, Finland has been interested in two things all her life: arts and technology. Sanna studied automation technology and worked in both the R&D and marketing troops of Nokia Networks. She has been in senior positions in production houses and produced digital arts starting from 1999 when she led the Generation Nokia Show Room. Her technical understanding of digital channels and tools is profound, and leads into optimizations and cost savings. Sanna started to learn computer programming in the visual game world on C64 and now her passion for digital magic comes into life in various gamification solutions of AvaDive Oy.

Li Kivistö

Phone: +358 (0)45 104 2688

Partner, Marketing Manager, international

Li Kivistö, has been working as marketing professional in international business for more than 15 years. Her previous positions included Head of Strategic Marketing and Director of Strategic Planning & Development in Nokia Oyj.  She has deep understanding of business & legislation in China and also the political & macro-economic situation in China. Li ‘s passion is in languages and cultures. In her spare time she writes articles and teaches Chinese language.

Sari Valkeasalo

Phone: +358 (0)40 560 8951

Partner, Enterprise Architect

Sari has focused on IT systems, especially ERPs & integrations more than 20 years. She has been supporting the business development in enterprise architecture design for example as a Senior Consultant in Oracle and CSolutor. On her free time Sari enjoys long walks in the nature with her dog. In AvaDive Sari has taken an exciting dive into the world of gamification.

Tero Riipi

Phone: +358 (0)50 357 1768

Partner, Marketing Manager, Finland

Tero studied philosophy and biochemistry in the university of Helsinki where he also worked as a scientist before his passion for music & arts lead him to the National Opera of Finland. Today Tero also studies marketing in Metropolia and supports AvaDive's customers in Finland.

Following AvaDive partners are developing the company and sharing their expertise in digital systems & integration, business development, HRD, marketing, company law, R&D, computer arts, game design & research:

Laura Avoinius

Partner & Board Director

Director, Digital Business Unit, Aller Media Oy

Sami Mäkinen

Partner & Board Member

CEO, Founder, AirDice Oy

Jany Mengelkamp


Director, Primex Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Virva Sirén


Practical nurse, Turenki public healthcare

Maria Sjövik


Vesa Kivistö


Integration Specialist, QPR Software Plc

Timo Nässi


Senior Multimedia Designer, Magneetto Media Oy

Juha Virolainen


Internet Specialist, IL-Media, Alma Media Suomi Oy

Timo Liukko


Chairman & Senior Consultant, First Round Ltd.

Frans Mäyrä

Board Advisor

Professor, University of Tampere, Game Studies

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Frans Mäyrä, Professor, Game Studies, Board Advisor of AvaDive:


Juho Hamari publications, University of Tampere:


Do badges increase user activity? A field experiment on effects of gamification:



Flow in gamification:



Demographic differences in perceived benefits from gamification:

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